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  • IDLA Online Driver’s Ed Checklist(Weiser only session) Questions email: cardenasa@weiserschools.org


    • 1. Go to the following link to indicate session preference. https://forms.gle/ba73rC4d1A33yH6QA

    • 2. Once enough students have indicated interest in a custom Weiser only session, we can create the session and an announcement will be given to students to go to step #3.

    • 3. Purchase Permit from DMV (permit # needed in order to sign up for IDLA class)

    • 4. Pay $75 to WHS for the driving/observation portion of class. Information will be given how to sign up and pay for IDLA Class

    • 5. Once all of the above has been completed, a driving instructor will hold a meeting with all students in the session to create a driving calendar.


    *In-Class Driver’s Ed Spring and Summer Session*


    Sign-up date for these sessions is yet to be determined. Start and end date is yet to be determined….Stay tuned.


    Idaho State Law mandates that in order to apply for a driver's license, a student under the age of 17 must pass a driver education course with a grade of an 80% or better. A minimum course consists of at least 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and a recommended 6 hours of in-car observation.


    The course is designed to teach correct positive attitudes toward driving and driving skills. The student will be required to pass three (3) phases of the course - driving, classroom work, and attitude. A failure in any one phase will fail a student in the course.


    The driver education permit does NOT allow a student to drive an automobile except when accompanied by a certificated driver education instructor in an approved driver education vehicle. NO driving may be done outside the school program. Such driving will be cause for dismissal from the class for failure of attitude.


    After successfully completing the driver education course, the student must complete the graduated driving requirements as outlined by the State Of Idaho. This would be 6 months after completing the course and 50 hours of driving (40 day/10 night). Then the student is ready to take the Idaho State Driver's license examination and be issued a driver's license (day license: 15 year old; regular class D license: 16 years and older).


    HOWEVER, neither parents NOR the student should assume that the student is a polished driver. Much more parental supervision is needed before a student is allowed to drive solo. It is each parent's responsibility to determine whether and when a son or daughter can safely drive alone.


    **Until age 18 (or completion of high school), students MUST be enrolled in a school in order to possess a valid driver's license**




    I want to clarify that the permit receipt you received at DMV does NOT allow you to drive at this time.  It only allows the student to drive with a certified driving instructor.  That is why the DMV sends the actual permit to us.  After successfully completing the course, students will receive a certificate and the hard card permit from us. After receiving the actual permit/certificate - students must drive with a 21 year old or older legally licensed adult for a minimum of 6 months.  After 6 months/or until the age of 17, they may take the written/driving test from DMV and obtain their actual license.  This will be covered in the class.  

    At this time it is important to know that if you are caught driving, your permit can be revoked, you will not be able to take this class and may owe a fine or be liable for any accidents.  


    If the student's last name is different from that of the parent/guardian, appropriate records should be made available that provides proof of the parent's/guardian's relationship to the student. Step-parents cannot be liability signers unless legal adoption papers from the court are provided.


    Students MUST be Fourteen Years Six Months (14 1/2) years old on or before the day they purchase a driver's permit.


    The student and his/her parent or guardian together must take the following items to the Washington County Drivers License bureau located at 483 E. 3rd St. Weiser, Idaho 83672.

    • A "Verification of Compliance" form from the school. Students can secure this from their school office.

    • An original, state certified birth certificate. It must have the raised, embossed seal on it. Copies of the certificate will NOT be accepted. Hospital certificates will not be accepted.

    • Photo Identification. Both parent & student must provide photo ID (yearbook, student activity card, some school offices can print the photo on the VOC form if requested)

    • Social Security Number

    • Twenty Six Dollars and 50 cents ($26.50).  Price increased on July 1, 2021. 

    The student will be required to take an eye test. Their picture will be taken for the instruction permit.