• The remainder of 2021-2022 Drivers Ed Classes are full through the end of summer.

    Check back here in August 2022 for the next available classes. 


    Drivers Education Classes are currently registered through the High School. The application needs to be completed and $125 paid to the high school. The front page of this application lists the academic requirements and the paperwork required to complete the class.

    Please pay close attention to the permit date and the permit requirements: certified  birth certificate, legal guardian, $26.50, social security number, picture identificatoin, VOC-verification of compliance which is issued from the middle school or high school office.


    Class times vary and locations vary. The Drivers Ed students are the ones responsible for all classes and drives. Announcements for locaton and start date will be announced through the high school. Pay close attention to the start dates.


    Additional classes may be taught through IDLA, but the current drivers ed drivers are unable to let the IDLA students purchase drives through the high school classes.

    This application will be updated August 2022. No applications are currently being accepted. See the top of this page 

    Drivers Ed Application--click here to download application