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Privacy Policy

Weiser School District



Weiser School District is pleased to provide its students, staff and faculty with a variety of technology resources that can be used to help us reach our goal of being the Highest Achieving School District in the State of Idaho.  Use of these resources is a privilege and is subject to a variety of terms and conditions that can be referenced, in detail, in District Policy 3270: District Provided Access to Electronic Information, Services and Networks and 3270P: Acceptable Use of Electronic Network


We acknowledge that the District does not have control over the information that is on the internet; however, we will install, maintain and use a content filter in order to limit exposure to websites that may contain material that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate or potentially offensive.



·         I will use language that is pertinent and appropriate when submitting academic work, participating in online forums and working collaboratively. I will be thoughtful and mindful about the language I use when posting online or sending messages to someone else. I will be mindful of how my words are interpreted by others. I will not use profanity or any language that is offensive to anyone.


·         I will be aware of privacy settings on websites to which I subscribe. I understand that anything I do online or electronically is not private and can be monitored. I will not share any personal information about myself, family or faculty.

·         The privacy of students and the appropriate use of confidential student information is a priority in the Weiser School District.  Parents and guardians can be assured that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Idaho Student Data Accessibility, Transparency and Accountability Act of 2014 and all other relevant policies will be followed with regard to the use of personal information.

·         All students in the Weiser School District will have access to a Google Educational Account.  This account will be established by creating a login that consists of each student’s initials and a random number.  Students will have limited access to Google applications for educational purposes.  Access will be determined at the building level, by the building administrator, through the Google Apps Control Panel.

Honesty and Safety

·         I will not engage in behavior that puts myself or others at risk. I will represent myself honestly while online. This includes accessing the network using an account other than my own. I will seek help if I feel unsafe, bullied, witness unkind behavior or inadvertently gain access to inappropriate content.


·         I will have a positive attitude and be willing to explore different technologies. I will evaluate the validity of information presented online and understand that not everything online is true. I agree to document and properly cite all information acquired through online sources including but not limited to images, videos and music.

Respect for Self, Others and School Property

·         I will not upload or publish personal information, private communications or photos of other people without permission. I will respond thoughtfully to the opinions, ideas and values of others. I will not send or share mean or inappropriate emails or texts.

·         I will take care of all devices regardless of where they are being used. I will use District issued accounts and computers for school related purposes only.

·         I will take financial responsibility for the loss of or damage to technology if it is through my own negligence.


I have read the Weiser School District Technology Consent and Waiver and understand that if I violate this policy, I could be subject to disciplinary action and or possible legal consequences.  I also understand that the best way to ensure my safety and that of others is through responsible use of technology.


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Revised 08-02-2022