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About Us

Indianhead Academy High School is a School of Choice 

Indianhead Academy, a public, alternative high school, was established in 2012.  The school is designed for high school students who have had difficulty completing their graduation requirements in a traditional high school setting.  

Indianhead Academy is sponsored by Weiser High School.  However, Indianhead differs from WHS in how the program is structured and scheduled. The school calendar is divided into 5 sessions.  Each session is 29 days.  Students can enroll in up to three courses each session.  Classes are 2 hours and 5 minutes in length.  This scheduling allows for a shorter week (typically Monday - Thursday) and a shorter day (from 8:00 AM to 2:45 PM).  Additionally, a graduation ceremony is conducted for eligible students at the end of the session in which a student completes the state’s graduation requirements.

Classes at Indianhead Academy provide live instruction in the core courses of English, social studies, mathematics, science and humanities.  Classes are taught using a blended approach of instruction and independent work time.  All live courses are taught by a certified teacher.  Students also have the opportunity to complete online courses and/or WHS courses as needed.  A full time lead teacher and assistant manage the program and support students in meeting class  expectations.  

Note:  Because the school is sponsored by Weiser High School, students attending Indianhead Academy may be eligible to participate in WHS courses and activities.  Students may also choose to graduate from Weiser High School if they meet the additional WHS graduation requirements

Philosophy of Indianhead Academy

At Indianhead Academy we believe that given the right conditions, all students are capable of achieving at high levels.  Thus, Indianhead was established to meet the educational needs of students who have had difficulty in a traditional educational setting.  The Indianhead Academy educational environment provides a small, caring, individualized and nontraditional approach to assist students in meeting their educational goals.  The program has established a teaching staff that sets high expectations; holds students accountable for meeting the learning objectives; and assists students in discovering the ways to achieve those expectations.  

Additionally, students accepted into the program must make a substantial commitment to complete their high school education.  Together, the students and staff focus on making choices that help students honor and maintain this commitment.  


Indianhead Academy is a grade 9-12 program that is operated by the Weiser School District.  It's purpose is to provide an alternative form of education for students who meet the program's eligibility criteria and are accepted by the program's admissions team. Students from neighboring school districts may make application to the program.  Out-of-district students must also submit an Open Enrollment Form (available at the Weiser School District Office).  

The diploma granted through this program by the Weiser School District Board of Trustees certifies the student has met the following  State of Idaho requirements:

  • Take a minimum of 46 high school credits, which include 29 credit in core subjects
  • Take three (3) years of math, one of which must be in the last year of high school
  • Take three (3) years of science
  • Complete a senior project
  • Complete a Government and Civics Proficiency
  • Take the ACT or SAT exam by the end of 11th grade.  


To be eligible to attend Indianhead Academy High School, students must qualify as an at-risk student.  An at-risk student is any secondary student (grades 7-12) who meets any one (1) of the conditions numbered 1 through 7 below OR who meets any three (3) of the conditions in the bulleted list.  

  1. Is pregnant or a parent
  2. Is a previous dropout
  3. Is an emancipated youth
  4. Is  court or agency ordered to apply to the Academy
  5. Is recommended by the school district as determined by locally developed criteria for disruptive student behavior
  6. Has substance abuse behavior as verified by a medical professional or law
  7. Has serious personal, emotional, or medical problems
  • Has repeated at least one grade
  • Has absenteeism greater than 10% during the preceding semester
  • Has a GPA less than 1.5 prior to enrolling in an alternative secondary program
  • Has failed one or more academic subjects
  • Is behind two or more semester credits per year of the rate required to graduate
  • Is a limited English proficient student who has not been in a program more than three years.

Indianhead Curriculum